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One Year later… The Humankind Academy¬†Doubles¬†its Enrollment in January 2015!!

In January the Humankind Academy reopened for the 2015 school year adding 75 more spots, for a total of 150 full time students. HKI is thrilled and thankful to do this. Co-founder Muuxi Adam said that he has been dreaming of expanding since the first day the school opened in January 2014. That day was bitter-sweet for him since there were an additional 400 parents in line, all desperate to have their children attend. Even with this latest expansion, demand continue as leaders from neighbouring camps have been pleading with HKK/HKI to expand to other parts of the 5 sub-camps in Dadaab.

Muuxi visited the school in January 2015 for the expansion and says he can not believe the difference a year can make. The children look happy and healthy and there is a large garden growing outside the school where before was dry barren earth. Thank you to everyone who has helped make the expansion possible.

We are so grateful to all our donors.



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Humankind International is about improving the lives of the children in Dadaab by supporting them through education. We believe education is one of the most effective ways of helping move children out of poverty and towards a better quality of life.

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