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Update from Muuxi who is in Dadaab preparing for the HKI School Opening!

Here is an excerpt from an email sent to Humankind board members on January 2nd, 2014, by Muuxi Adam.
I had contact with Humankind Kenya people, and I was quiet amazed the amount of work that these people are undertaking. They have asked me to help them  get more educational material from a publisher in Nairobi which has ECD government approved educational material.
I traveled to Garisa on new year’s day and met with some of the key people of Humankind Kenya and they have shown me their plan and so far everything is going well. I will be going to Nairobi again to meet this weekend with the UNHCR and we hope that they will be on board to support our project.
Today we have finalized the sign posts and they will be delivered to the site there by Tuesday next week. Kids are been identified and half of them have already been registered. Uniforms, chairs and table will be ready by next week. One teacher has already been hired and they are finalizing the other one. Jikos and cooking materials are been picked up in Nairobi this week.Things are going really well!!

Meantime let me enjoy my + 40 c, sorry for bragging about my  hot weather.



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