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The Power of Commitment at Ecole Leila North…$1620.16

January 14-18, grade 8 students from Ecole Leila North School embarked on a fundraiser for Humankind International. Students were inspired by Muuxi’s story, which he shared last year during their “Day in the Life of a Refugee”. Taking further inspiration from the “Buy a Brick” campaign, students decided to make their own “bricks” and encouraged each class to purchase one for $20.00. The class that raised the most by the end of the week would win an Ice Cream Party. A group of students made a presentation to each classroom outlining information about the Dadaab Refugee Camp, who the money will benefit, and why this is an important issue. The goal of $20.00 per class made a total goal of $540 (which seemed like a lofty one!)  Throughout the week everyone was absolutely blown away by the generosity and support shown by the students of Leila North. Each day the door of room 10 was a revolving one, filled with students enthusiastically bringing in donations. The goal was reached and surpassed by the third day! By the end of the week, a grand total of $1620.16, was raised…tripling the original goal! There were some unbelievable class and individual contributions which made this fundraising effort a huge success.

Humakind International is astounded and grateful! Thank you to Leila North, the grade 8 class and their teacher Tara! You are all amazing!!      Buy a Brick



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