How Schools Can Get Involved

We invite schools to join us in building our school in Dadaab. The best results come when people work together. This can take the form of a big undertaking or a small one, by a single classroom or the entire school. Consider using a Humankind initiative to support the teaching of social justice curriculum, create refugee awareness or unite your school in a common goal. We suggest asking staff and students for their input and ideas.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Someone from Humankind International would be happy to come and speak at your school. See the Speaking Engagements section of our website.
  • Bake sale
  • Read–a–thon (collect pledges and have a reading competition)
  • Dance–a–thon
  • Coffee house
  • Movie night
  • Concert or Event with ticket admission or silver collection
  • Rent out IMAX on a Sunday
  • Penny (or loose change) drive. Could be a friendly competition between classes
  • Raffle to win… donated item, school privilege
  • Free dress code day for $2 donation