Leila North Does It Again!

Exciting news! Ecole Leila North Community School  just wrapped up their second Buy a Brick Fundraiser  for Humankind and surpassed their total from last year by raising…..$1720.97!!! It was really a phenominal effort shown by the kids this year. Leila North says they are thrilled at their tremendous success and so is Humankind International!! We are grateful to the students, their family and staff for their efforts and generosity.

The Power of Commitment at Ecole Leila North…$1620.16

January 14-18, grade 8 students from Ecole Leila North School embarked on a fundraiser for Humankind International. Students were inspired by Muuxi’s story, which he shared last year during their “Day in the Life of a Refugee”. Taking further inspiration from the “Buy a Brick” campaign, students decided to make their own “bricks” and encouraged each class to purchase one for $20.00. The class that raised the most by the end of the week would win an Ice Cream Party. A group of students made a presentation to each classroom outlining information about the Dadaab Refugee Camp, who the money will benefit, and why this is an important issue. The goal of $20.00 per class made a total goal of $540 (which seemed like a lofty one!)  Throughout the week everyone was absolutely blown away by the generosity and support shown by the students of Leila North. Each day the door of room 10 was a revolving one, filled with students enthusiastically bringing in donations. The goal was reached and surpassed by the third day! By the end of the week, a grand total of $1620.16, was raised…tripling the original goal! There were some unbelievable class and individual contributions which made this fundraising effort a huge success.

Humakind International is astounded and grateful! Thank you to Leila North, the grade 8 class and their teacher Tara! You are all amazing!!      Buy a Brick


Swan Valley Regional Secondary School Kicks of the Buy a Brick Campaign!

A big thank you to  Swan Valley Regional Secondary School for supporting Humankind with a donation of  47 bricks to kick off our Buy a Brick Campaign this fall.They participated in the Vow of Silence last year and after Muuxi came and spoke the students decided to donate the money raised to Humankind International.  Most of the students who participated are involved in the Youth Voice Social Justice Group. That’s a lot of silence and a lot of bricks!

Thank you to St. John Brebeuf School for their continued support!

St. John Brebeuf had a spring 2012 concert and donated proceeds of $1100! Wow!

St. Paul’s High School Story

In May 2011 and May 2012 St. Paul’s High School hosted an Awareness Day with the theme of gratitude and service for their grade 9 students.  Humankind International co-founder Muuxi Adam spoke about his childhood in war-torn Somalia, life as a refugee and about gratitude for his new life in Canada. He said “Our lives make no sense if we are not helping others.” He also spoke about Humankind’s initiative to build a school in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.  The school donated just over $900 from a “free dress code day” where for $2 students swap their suits for casual clothes.

St. John Brebeuf School Story

A Little School with a Big Heart…

St. John Brebeuf School prepared with a whole- school focus to raise both refugee awareness and $5000 for the start-up Humankind School in Kenya. Their guiding principle was the 2011 Catholic Social Principle theme of  “Solidarity with Humankind: Hear the Cry of God’s Children.” Each grade of the K-8 school prepared for speaker and Humankind co-founder Muuxi Adam’s visit by tailoring their classroom learning to their specific needs using a mix of videos, literature, conducting research, classroom discussion, reflection, simulation games and art. When Muuxi and two friends came to share their refugee stories the students were not only ready to listen but quick to ask lots of questions creating an interactive experience. Muuxi has been back to visit regularly and dreams the students of SJB and the Humankind Kenya School can one day have their own exchange. The school’s social justice staff committee fully supported this initiative brought to them by the school’s principal. Funds were raised through a talent show (with free will collection), Jolica products fair-trade sale, tickets to a special IMAX screening, Catholic service group fundraiser and private donations. SJB teacher Margaret Lafreniere says “Muuxi has helped us open our eyes to a world totally unlike the one we have grown up in North America. His personal refugee story of enduring war and separation from family and of his dramatic move to Canada where he is making his dreams come true totally captivates and motivates us. His example of resiliency and compassion has set the bar high for us and we are determined to help him build the school in Dadaab.” By creating solidarity as a school, SJB has created solidarity with others in Kenya.