About Us

Who We Are:

Humankind International is a nonprofit humanitarian organization committed to listening to and responding to the needs of the communities of Northern Kenya and Southern Somalia. The organization strives to use new approaches to developing and empowering these communities to achieve their goals.

Humankind International was incorporated in April 2008 as a non-profit organization by a group of African-born Canadians and their Canadian friends who felt that they have the moral responsibility to respond to humanitarian and development needs of communities in the Southern part of war torn Somalia and the marginalized communities of Northern Kenya.

Vision Statement:

Humankind International aims to create peaceful, equitable and stable communities where all community members have the opportunity to meet their full potential.

Mission Statement:

Humankind International seeks to provide free, quality early childhood education and other opportunities to refugee and marginalized children in Dadaab camp and its surrounding areas.

Our Approach:

Humankind International is committed to listening to and partnering with local communities with the aim of providing sustainable programming. We believe that through empowerment and education, communities will have the tools to move out of poverty and toward a better quality of life.

Charitable Status: The charitable status and financial management of Humankind International is under the aegis of Accountable Development Works, a non-profit organization that assists small non-profit, non-governmental organizations doing international work.  http://www.accountabledevelopment.org