About Dadaab

The  three refugee camps of Dadaab, Kenya, Ifo, Dagahaley, and Hagardera  are home to over 500,000 refugees, mostly from neighboring Somalia. The camps are the site of a growing humanitarian crisis — first from a sharp increase in the number of new refugees arriving from Somalia, and a growing tension from the extremist militias from Somalia.

The three camps in Dadaab, Kenya; have housed refugees for over 18 years, starting with the flight of refugees from Somalia in 1991. Most of the people living in the camps — 97 percent — are Somali, though there are also refugees from Sudan, Uganda, the Congo and other countries in conflict. Many have lived in Dadaab for close to two decades, unable to return to homes still embroiled in chaos. In the past couple of years, increased violence in Somalia has led to a sharp influx of new refugees, as many as 1,000 a day in some cases, putting a heavy burden on resources already stretched thin by the existing population.

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